Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Display Book Shelf

Daniel Eatock

Five years ago I had photographs printed measuring about 4' wide. Each print was askew, printing a nearly imperceptible bend in the middle. It was like a visual take on a record's wow. A problem at the time, the printer gave me a credit for the mistakes. A friend suggested that I print a black band as long as the credit would afford... Up close, the print would look like a waste of money and ink; at a distance, however, the 'wow' would just be more pronounced.

British graphic designer and artist Daniel Eatock* uses the same incidental wow with his book shelf pictured above. Using MDF and the weight of too many books and insufficient support, the shelf gives in the middle. The books hint at a problem, but in leveling themselves, they boast purpose. The wow, underlying and supportive, is hushed.

*The same who created indexhibit, which can be seen here and downloaded here.