Thursday, November 19, 2009

Untitled (Plate IX)

David Moreno

I want to heal in a tender yet pithy and subversive manner too...

Read this excerpt from the Healing exhibition text by Feature, Inc.:

during the early 90s when the socio-political surrounding aids and disease were big topics in the trendiest part of the contemporary art world, david moreno made a group of four diptychs that quietly approached the epidemic personally and constructively, from the point of view of healing -- specifically the healing abilities of art and artists. each painting has an unframed left panel of a chromo-litho xtracted from a book on venereal and skin diseases that was published in 1890. the person or part of person represented is resplendent with the effects of the advanced stages of their disease. the right gold framed panel is a painted copy of the same person or part of person healed by the artist.